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It’s a familiar building in Burlington. They call it the Soda Plant. Ever wonder why it earned that name?   It’s currently home to several stores and shops. Long ago it housed a vibrant Vermont family business.

That business eventually went away, but generations later you will soon see a return to the shelves of Venetian Ginger Ale once produced in the Soda Plant. (FULL STORY HERE)


One-hundred years after it was first created, a popular Vermont ginger ale is making a comeback. (FULL STORY HERE)


The inspiration for Venetian Beverages came from a basement. In 2015, Justin Bunnell, 35, was helping his grandfather move when he uncovered a trove of photos and documents from M. & F.C. Dorn Co., a soda plant that once stood on Burlington's Pine Street. Bunnell's great-great-grandfather, Michael C. Dorn, created the original Venetian Ginger Ale and set up shop in 1917 in the warehouse that now houses Conant Metal & Light. (FULL STORY HERE)


Venetian is a heady ginger ale made with real ginger juice, lime, and cane sugar. It’s lightly carbonated and has just enough sweetness to balance with the spicy ginger – and less sugar than in most other sodas. It packs a powerful and very tasty ginger punch. (FULL STORY HERE)

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