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Our Beverages

​All of our beverages are created with all-natural
ingredients to the highest standards
Venetian Ginger Ale.png
Venetian Ginger Ale

Our flagship beverage is reimagined and upgraded with an organic Peruvian ginger juice, cane sugar, lime juice, and brewed with cinnamon sticks.


100 Calories, 12 oz serving

Medium Spice

Venetian Ginger Beer.png
Venetian Ginger Beer

This incredibly spicy ginger beer is not for the faint of heart. We listened to our customers that wanted spice, and big ginger flavor for their mixed drinks.


100 Calories, 12 oz serving

Extra Hot Spice

Venetian Crandberry.png
Venetian Cranberry Orange Zest

Our first non-ginger based soda. The crisp tart cranberry is balanced with bitter citrus from fresh oranges. It's brought together with cane sugar for a flavorful treat to drink on it's own or with your favorite spirits. 


130 Calories, 12 oz serving

Sweet, tart and zesty

Venetian Espresso Soda.png
Venetian Espresso Soda

There's nothing quite like this creative soda. The light roasted Brio Coffee espresso is balanced with bright fresh lemon and orange citrus that delivers a jolt of caffeine, and a pleasant coffee aroma, and taste. 


100 Calories

High Citrus with a Coffee After Note

Venetian Root Beer.png
Venetian Root Beer

After an endless pursuit of passion and high-regard, our famous Root Beer is near perfection. The smoothness and balance of our bubbly root beer have a deep earthy vanilla sassafras note the is balanced with citrus, and family secret spices. 


120 Calories, 12 oz serving

Close to perfection smooth earthly vanilla

Venetian Holiday Spice.png
Venetian Ginger Ale Holiday Spice


We took our flagship ginger ale and added holiday spices to it. This is an amazing drink for the winter holidays. Spice up your holiday's with this limited release ginger ale. 


100 Calories, 12 oz serving

Medium Holiday Spice 

Venetian Sparkling Ginger Lime.png
Venetian Sparkling Ginger Lime


10 Calories of real ginger and lime juice. This sparkling refreshment is made with carbon filtered Vermont water and bottled as a guilt-free pleasure. 


10 Calories, 12 oz serving

Low Spice

Venetian Sparkling Lemon.png
Venetian Sparkling Lemon

10 calories of carbon filter Vermont water, and real fresh lemon juice. You'll love this crisp thirst quencher. 


10 Calories, 12 oz serving

Lemon Freshing

Venetian Sparkling Water.png
Venetian Sparkling Filtered Water


Carbon filtered Vermont water for a premium experience. Goes well with just about anything. This quenches thirst the right way. 


0 Calories, 12 oz serving

Filtered Water

Venetian Limited Queen of Hearts.png
Limited Edition:
Venetian Queen of Hearts

The absolute limited edition ginger ale cranberry. We made this rare treat with all organic ingredients, and Vermont grown cranberries. You'll never have a more sophisticated concoction. 

The ingredients were selected with premium taste in mind, and we spared no expensive delivering an ultimately rare premium experience. 


750 ml serving

Med. Spice, premium tastes

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