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The Shirley Vanderbilt

Rum Cocktail



1 oz Dunc's Maple Rum


1/4 oz. Runamok Maple - Smoked Pecan Wood

Venetian Ginger Ale



  1. Combine ice, rum, and a dash of grenadine

  2. Drizzle a dash of Runamok pecan flavored Maple Syrup

  3. Top off with Venetian

  4. Stir

  5. Garnish with cherries


Check out this Vermont twist on the classic Shirley temple. We utilize the Dunc's Maple Rum with the fantastic smokey Runamok Maple Smoked Pecan Wood, and our famous Venetian Ginger Ale.


It's no secret that Vanderbilt money largely built the Shelburne Farms estate. Youngest daughter Lila Vanderbilt Webb and her husband Dr. William Seward Webb were people of considerable wealth, and they entertained national dignitaries and even U.S. presidents at the Shelburne Farms estate. The parties would have most likely featured some of the world's greatest delectables. Drink like an American royal with this fantastic recipe. Raise a glass, and be sure to invite your friends and family to experience a Shirley Vanderbilt. Pinkies out old sport.

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