12-Pack of Venetian Ginger Ale 

12-bottles of our signature drink, Venetian Ginger Ale, a Prohibition Era ginger ale made with an unfiltered organic Peruvian ginger juice, lime juice, spices, and sweetened cane sugar. No artificial flavors, no extracts, and no preservatives. Just real food in a bottle. 


The original Venetian Ginger Ale was bottled from 1917 until the early '40s and then lost to time. 100 years after the original founding the descendants reimagined the premium beverage in 2017. 


Benefits of ginger 

  • Helps with nausea & morning sickness
  • Digestive benefits
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Rich with antioxidants


100 calories per 12oz bottle.



Venetian Ginger Ale 12-Pack

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