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Ginger Maestro

Gin Cocktail



1 oz Putney Mt. Wine Liqueur

1 oz Wild Hart Gin

Venetian Ginger Ale

Alice & the Magician Perfect Ginger Aromatic cocktail Spray



  1. Combine ice, liqueur, and gin

  2. Top off with Venetian

  3. Stir

  4. Spray with aromatic spray

  5. Garnish with a wheel of lime


World-famous computer music pioneer and Dartmouth College professor Charles Dodge and his wife Kate Dodge a sharp-witted lawyer use their passion for wine to team up on founding Putney Mountain Wine in Putney, Vermont. This powerhouse couple gives and takes on making some of Vermont's most creative fruit wines, and liqueurs. One of their popular flavors is a Ginger liqueur that pairs well with gin, and ginger ale! We also are featuring Wild Hart Distillery's American Dry Gin. This small-batch gin is smoother than James Bond at a Kenny G concert. I've never experienced Gin in this way. Next goes the Venetian Ginger Ale. As you very well know, it's one heck of a treat, and so perfectly balanced it makes a Yin-Yang's head spin. Our ginger ale features REAL organic ginger juice, fresh lime juice, cane sugar, and brewed with cinnamon sticks. Finally, we top the whole experience off with Alice and the Magicians Ginger aromatic cocktail spray to entice your sense of smell as you bring the glass up for a taste. Alice and the Magician is neighbors with us here at the Soda Plant, and we share a passion for creating beverage experiences that entice and delight.

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